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Discover Our Farm-to-Table Local Beef Farm in Drexel, MO

Our Family

Hi, we’re Ryan and Andrea Stark! We began building our cattle herd on our family farm in 2006 in Drexel, MO and have continued to serve Cass County, MO – as well as other communities – with our Kansas City meat delivery service.


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Not satisfied with the quality of meat available at local grocery stores, we wanted to make a change. We hoped for meat that was more than just words on a label. That’s when we decided to take action and change our community for the better.

We reached out to a third-party, Where Food Comes From, to acquire Verified Natural, BeefCARE, and Source and Age Verification. They evaluated our cattle and farm to verify our claims. Our dream is to provide excellent quality, healthy beef to families just like ours in Cass County, MO and nationwide.

Why AH Farms?

AH Farms refers to the location of our farmstead. Once known as the Kingdom of Amarugia, Amarugia Highlands – or AH – is full of incredible views consisting of high, rolling hills, mounds, pastures, prairies and forests. Our family farm can be found on this gorgeous area of land, tucked away in Cass County, MO.

Our Family Farm Offers Meat Delivery in Cass County, MO and Beyond

Our meat delivery service supplies families all over the country with natural, delicious beef right to their doorstep. Our flexible and convenient meat delivery options focus on here and now beef, the idea that you decide how much beef you’d like, and when you’d like to receive it. Whether it’s enough for just one recipe or to last you the entire month, it’s no problem. There’s no minimum order quantity on our farm-to-table beef.


At AH Farms, we own and operate several pastures within a 10-mile radius of Bates and Cass counties in Missouri. We care about the farm-to-table beef we provide to our community and beyond, which is why our family farm is certified by an independent third-party to be free of any hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts.

We take intentional and careful measures to make our beef the best it can be. Our family farm completes Beef Care training and testing to ensure that our meat is produced economically, ethically, and sustainably.

Our Animal Care

We take great pride in the fact that our farm is IMI Global Beef Care Certified, making our local beef farm near you as natural and wholesome as possible. It means we hold ourselves – and our beef – to a higher standard.

You can bet all our meat is born and harvested from our own raised stock. Our animals are all Source and Age verified, meaning they are born, raised, and fattened right on our family farm. Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished to deliver you and your family with healthy, delicious beef with natural marbling and texture.

To track every step of the way, we perform an annual audit with a tracking process. We document everything from birth dates to mineral supplementation, down to every ingredient. Each animal has an EID tag to enforce a clean and easily traceable process.

Our special process guarantees that your farm-to-table beef is free of any artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts, providing you with natural, flavorful beef.


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