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Get Premium Beef Right At Your Doorstep With Our Meat Delivery Service

These days, healthy beef is hard to come by. At AH Farms, our family can provide you with premium farm-to-table beef delivered straight to your door.

Wellcare beef

So, what do we mean by “healthy”? Our animals are grass-fed and grain finished. Rather than increasing size by treating with hormones or antibiotics, we raise them naturally. Our beef is independently verified to be all natural. This means your meat is completely free from artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts.

Our family farm can be found in the heart of Cass County, Missouri. We deliver a healthier, more natural option right at your fingertips – literally! Our Kansas City meat delivery services bring flavorful, pure beef right to your table. Taste the difference with AH Farms

A Homestyle Meat Delivery Service You Can Trust

Enjoying delicious, flavorful meat has never been easier. With our flexible meat delivery options, you can taste our premium beef no matter where you live. Our Kansas City-area meat delivery service ships nationwide!

You shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to high-quality meat. At AH Farms, you’re in control of your beef. Whether you’re looking to purchase a single cut for dinner or enough to feed the whole family, there’s no minimum order quantity. The choice is yours of how much meat you want, and how you’d like to receive it.

For each and every order, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Our premium beef is shipped in professional grade packaging to ensure that your order arrives fresh at your door in the highest-quality possible.

Receive your premium beef here and now with our Kansas City meat delivery. 
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Our Top Cuts - Quality Meat for Any Occasion

These popular cuts of family farm-raised beef are best bets for your next family meal or holiday feast.

Natural Prime Rib Roast

This bone-in “standing” all-natural rib roast provides you with all the juiciness one can muster and is a no-fail crowd-pleaser. Whether it’s for a family dinner or holiday gathering, order yours to be prepared today.

$22 Per Pound

Natural Ribeye

Whether you’re grilling, baking, or experimenting with your slow cooker, this 1.5 inch-thick bone-in steak is cut from the rib area, resulting in a flavorful taste and guaranteed moisture retention that is sure to make your latest idea the best one yet.

$22 Per Pound

Natural Filet Mignon

Having a meal with someone special or just looking to treat yourself? This delightfully delicious, ever so tender filet is sure to please. Order now!

$23 Per Pound

Natural T-Bone

Celebrate a special occasion or kick off your weekend in style with this savory The KC strip and filet cut from the short loin. This 1.5 inch-thick steak is especially noteworthy, thanks to its marbling that delivers you with a burst of flavor in every bite.

$24 Per Pound

Wellcare beef

We’re Beef Care Certified!

Our animal care ensures premium quality, farm-to-table beef. The way we treat our cattle matters. Our unique method allows our animals to be happy and healthy, and free from any discomfort, pain, or injury. This promotes them to express their natural behaviors, which then enhances the beef from our family farm. Our cattle are free from any artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts. We’re proud to report that our family farm is IMI Global Care Certified, making our beef completely natural. This isn’t just something we say, it’s something we execute on a daily basis.

Our animals are aged and sourced directly on our farm. We implement annual auditing and track our cattle with an EID tag to ensure that every step of the way is not only clean, but also traceable.

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"Great service. Beef tastes great! Will be ordering again!"

- Marcia Nash

"We have bought a few times from AH Farms. Everything is great quality and delicious!"

- Amanda Wagner Hayes

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"The ribeye's were very good very big and extremely tasty. We have some burgers to try too. Stand by for another review."

- Rose Scheib Fink

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