Beef Bundles

Looking for Beef for Sale Near You? Our Family Farm Has Plenty of Options!

If you’re looking for more than just a choice cut of beef, you’ve come to the right place. At AH Farms, we offer a variety of beef bundles perfect for your next gathering, celebration, cookout - or just to stock up. With our Kansas City meat delivery service, your order can meet you at your doorstep!

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Small Sampler Bundle - $75

This bundle has something for everyone to enjoy, and is a great option for first-timers wanting to try a variety of premium meat. Complete with approximately 10 pounds of our favorite beef, you’ll quickly find your new favorite cut.

4 lbs. lean ground beef

1 package of ribeye steaks

1 package of 6 8-oz. burger patties

large sampler

Large Sampler Bundle - $150.50

Not sure which cut of all-natural beef you’d like to try first? This bundle consists of customer favorites, guaranteeing you a starter package full of flavor. Delivering nearly 20 pounds of meat, you’ll get to indulge in a selection of mouth-watering meals that are sure to become part of your dinner rotation.

8 lbs. ground beef
1 roast
1 package of ribeye steaks

1 package of filet steaks

6 8-oz. burger patties

2 packages of stew meat

freezer filler

Freezer Filler Package - $190.50

The freezer filler package supplies you with a wide variety of farm-to-table beef that will last you all year long. Our premium meat arrives frozen and ready to store in your freezer until it’s time to enjoy. Like its name suggests, this bundle has enough to fill up your freezer - so make room! You’ll receive approximately 25 pounds of meat ready to eat when you are.
10 lbs. of ground beef

2 packages of ribeye steaks

2 packages of Kansas City strip steaks

1 roast

6 8-oz. burger patties

Griller's Bundle - $192

Hosting a cookout, BBQ, wanting to try a new rub, or are just looking for a reason to gather everyone around the table? In this bundle, there’s a little something for everybody that’s sure to leave even the pickiest eater of your group happily full. Approximately 20 lbs. of meat

2 packages of filet steaks

2 packages of ribeye steaks

2 packages of Kansas City strip steaks

1 package of short ribs

6 8-oz. burger patties

1/2 Cow Bundle - $1525

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Deciding what cuts of natural beef you’ll need to stay within your budget and meal planning for your family can prove to be a real challenge. This bundle gives you peace of mind knowing you have a variety of meals available right at your fingertips. It delivers everything you need right to your door and takes one thing off your list, making dinnertime hassle-free. 200 - 230 lbs. of premium meat

100 lbs. of hamburger

2 roasts

4 packages of ribeye steaks

4 packages of filet steaks

2 packages of T-bones

4 packages of Kansas City strip steaks

4 packages of sirloins

5 packages of six 8-oz. burger patties

10 packages of stew meat

1 brisket

2 tri-tip steaks or ball tip roasts

3 packages of short ribs

4th cow

1/4 Cow Bundle - $728

Whether you’re trying to craft the perfect dinner rotation, stay within your budget, or are feeding picky eaters, this bundle covers all the bases. It provides you with plenty of delicious farm-to-table meat ready for any meal, including soups, ribs, steaks, hamburgers, meatloafs, roasts, tacos, and more! Whatever your family is in the mood for, you’ve got it on hand and ready to make. 100 to 115 lbs. of our farm-to-table meat

50 lbs. of hamburger

1 roast

2 packages of ribeye steaks

2 packages of filet steaks

2 packages of sirloins or Kansas City strip steaks

18 8-oz. burger patties

5 packages of stew meat

1 brisket

1 tri-tip steak or ball tip roast

3 packages of short ribs

Build Your Own Bundle

Create your own custom bundle! You’ll get to customize the amount and what combo of cuts you’d like from our family farm. When you bundle, enjoy a discount of 10 to 25 percent off.

Contact us to learn more.


-Processing and packaging cost included.
-Substitutions may be made if all cuts are not available.
-Substitutions can be made.
-Choice of available roasts.
-Tax and Shipping not included.

“Beef Up” Your Holidays

The holidays are hectic enough. AH Farms can give you one less thing to worry about this season. Our delicious beef bundles feed the whole family, and include a variety of quality meat for everyone to enjoy. Getting it to the table is no problem, either. Our meat delivery service provides you with premium, farm-to-table meat right to your doorstep!

What to Expect from Our Meat Delivery Service

Your hunt for grass-fed beef near you is over. At AH Farms, we offer flexible meat delivery options, so you can indulge in our farm-to-table beef no matter where you live! Substitutions can be made to ensure your bundle is just how you like it.

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