Natural Ground Beef

Farm-To-Table Ground Beef for Any Occasion

Still searching for quality beef for sale near you? Skip the drive and the line when you taste the savory difference in our quality meat from our 100-year-old family farm, AH Farms. Feeding your family the quality they deserve is just one reason we began this journey, and our Kansas City meat delivery service can bring our one-of-a-kind beef directly to your door.

Natural Ground Beef Packages

Grilling is great in any season, especially when you get to savor a mouth-watering meal with your closest family and friends. No matter the day of the week or how many guests there are to feed, AH Farms has you covered. Our premium beef ensures nobody leaves with an empty stomach and provides you with a flavorful experience you won’t forget.

Natural lean ground beef 1lb

Natural Lean Ground Beef 1 Pound Package - $6/lb

Thanks to its versatility, ground beef is a crowd-favorite here at our family farm. Use it to make mouth-watering hamburgers on the grill, incorporate it into a hearty meat sauce, or put it between a hard shell at your next taco night.

-0.8-1.3 lbs. of all-natural lean ground beef
-Tender with mild flavor
-Verified all-natural
-No antibiotics
-No hormones
-No animal byproducts
-Arrives in a vacuum sealed packaged for utmost freshness

For best flavor thaw in the refrigerator and season early in the cooking process.

Natural Lean Ground Beef 2 Pound Package - $6/lb

Looking for a bit more beef? Our two-pound package of natural lean ground beef can fill your next cookout with even more flavor. Whether you have a large guest list or want enough for seconds, this package gives you even more beef to go around.

-1.8-2.2 lbs. all-natural lean ground beef
-Tender with mild flavor
-Verified all-natural
-No antibiotics
-No hormones
-No animal byproducts
-Delivered in a vacuum sealed package to promise freshness

For best flavor thaw in the refrigerator and season early in the cooking process.
Natural lean burger patties

Natural Ground Beef Patty Package - $18/package

This package is perfect for your next hamburger night. Enjoy savory all-natural ground beef formed into six patties that are ready to cook whenever you are. Our premium beef is lean and ground to ensure tender and tasty burgers. After removing from the package, add seasonings for a meal bursting with flavor.

  • 6 8-oz. all-natural lean ground beef patties
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No animal byproducts
  • Separated by wax paper for easy use

After removing from the package, season if desired. Return to the refrigerator until immediately before cooking. This will help the burgers stay super juicy!

What Makes Our Ground Beef Different

Our family farm offers all-natural ground beef, no matter where you live in the U.S. Our cattle is grass-fed and grain finished, which makes for delicious and flavorful beef. Because our animals are naturally raised, this ensures your meat is free of any artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts.

All of our cattle are sourced and age verified by an independent third-party agency. Our family farm is also IMI Global Care Certified to be non-hormone supplemented, all-natural, grass-fed, and grain-finished. Additionally, our beef is USDA-inspected at our processing facility. We follow a set of guidelines that ensure we’re meeting high expectations and our animals are cared for humanely and sustainably. 

Your ground beef is sure to stay fresh on its journey to your doorstep because our products are vacuum packaged with professional grade ice packs and/or dry ice when necessary.

Meat Delivery Options for Everyone

You shouldn’t have to overspend your budget to enjoy pure, healthy beef, but finding grass-fed beef near you can sometimes be a real challenge. We offer a number of ways to bring our farm-to-table ground beef to your kitchen. We make it convenient for you to feed your family nutritious and healthful beef.

When you utilize our meat delivery service, your beef is shipped directly from our farm in Drexel, MO, and delivered right  to your door. Regardless of where you call home in the United States, you can enjoy our premium beef. 

Our family farm offers flexible meat delivery options to fit the needs of every customer. It’s up to you to decide how much beef you want, and how you’d like to receive it. There’s no minimum order quantity, so purchase how much you need for your favorite recipes.


Give the Gift of Premium Beef

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion? Our farm-to-table all-natural ground beef makes the perfect gift! Not sure which cuts they’ll love? Consider an AH Farms gift card.


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