Natural Specialty Cuts

Natural Specialty Cuts

Premium products for the grill! No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No animal byproducts. Sustainably raised, Individually vacuum packaged to prevent freezer burn and food waste.
Excellent cuts for the slow cooker or electric pressure cooker! No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No animal byproducts. Sustainably raised, Individually vacuum packaged to prevent freezer burn and food waste

Natural brisket specialty cut beef

Natural Brisket - $7/lb

Thick large roast from the chest area of the animal. Excellent smoked and sliced or grilled and shredded! Perfect for BBQ or corned beef! Average size 5-10 pounds.

Trim off large pieces of fat. It is ok to wrap your brisket in butcher paper or foil 3/4 of the way through cooking. MUST let the brisket rest after cooking for at least an hour. And always slice against the grain.
Natural Prime rib roast specialty cut beef

Natural Prime Rib Roast - $16.50/lb

Bone-In "standing" rib roast with steaks. Perfect for that family dinner! Bone-in maintains moisture and flavor while cooking!

This “roast” is perfect to slow cook and slice up for juicy steaks on those special occasions! Each roast contains approximately 6-8 prime rib steaks.

Natural short ribs specialty cut beef

Natural Short Ribs - $9/lb

Approximately 3 pounds of beef short ribs per package. Comes with bone in. This cut of meat is full of beefy flavor like a chuck roast, but marbling like a rib steak. Will stay moist during cooking.

Ribs can be braised for hours in the oven, Instapot, or crock pot. These are so good when grilled like a steak. Brush with a favorite sauce during the end of grilling time. Always use a meat thermometer.
Natural Chuck Roast specialty cut beef

Natural Chuck Roast- $6/lb

Chuck Roast is a tender and marbled portion of meat cut from the upper shoulder/neck portion of the cow. Each package contains 1 roast approximately 3 pounds.

Excellent roast cooked for sandwiches, shredded, or Sunday crock pot meat and veggies! And the veggies during the second half of cooking to avoid soggy veggies.
Natural arm roast specialty cut beef

Natural Arm Roast - $6/lb

Arm Roast is a cut from the shoulder of the animal. It is 1 roast per package approximately 3 pounds. This roast is tender and lean it contains a round bone.

Very tender cut of meat. Can be grilled slow at a low temp and is recommended in a crock pot or Instapot. Excellent flavor. Always use a meat thermometer.
natural soup bones specialty cut beef

Natural Soup Bones - $5/lb

Soup Bones come in a package of approximately 2 pounds per package. These meat cuts of bone and meat are perfect for stew, soup, broth, and stock. They will provide a hearty beef flavor and added nutrients to your meals.

The cut for beef stew. Can also be used to make your own bone or beef broth. Excellent flavor and tenderness.

stew meat

Natural Stew Meat - $6/lb

Package of small chunks of tender beef. Perfect for hearty stews or grilled kabobs! Each package contains approximately 1 pound of meat

Can be used for pot pie, soup, stew, kabobs, etc. Cut into small bite size pieces. Do not overcook. Pieces will cook quickly. For kabobs cook the meat together and the veggies together.


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