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April Specials and Deals: Ribeye Steak

Shop AH Farms’ Natural Ribeye Steak and More Flavorful Beef for Sale Near You

Making a delicious, juicy steak goes beyond how you prepare it. It all comes down to how your beef is sourced.

Major commercial beef producers are known for using hormones to boost cattle growth, which not only affects animals’ development but also the tenderness, taste, and quality of the meat. By shopping farm-fresh beef, you’ll be able to enjoy the true flavor of your favorite cuts as intended.

At AH Farms, we believe everyone should have access to premium, all-natural beef. Our cattle are pasture-raised by us and free from artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts. They’re grass-fed and grain-finished to provide you with healthy, wholesome beef with natural marbling and texture. All our meat is also dry aged over 14 days, which adds to its tenderness.

Because of these efforts, our family farm serving Cass County, MO, and beyond is IMI Global Beef Care Certified. And we continue to perform training and testing to ensure our meat is produced economically, ethically, and sustainably.

What’s more, we offer monthly specials you won’t find at your local grocery store or butcher. This means you can save money when you shop beef for sale near you. We also change our featured cuts often, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to switch up dinnertime and savor something new.

This April, take advantage of our great deals, which include 20% off ribeye steak and a new customer special of 10% off orders of $25 or more. And if you want even more updates about what’s going on at AH Farms, make sure to join our mailing list!

Stock Up on Ribeye Steak in April

This month, you can enjoy ribeye steak for less. The incredible moisture retention of this classic cut results in a rich, buttery taste unlike any other. All our natural steaks are bone-in as well, which adds even more flavor and prevents the meat from drying out during the cooking process. Great for a mouth-watering weeknight dinner or impressing a party of guests, our natural ribeye steak is the ultimate no-fail choice for any type of meal.

Ribeye steak is generally the star of the plate and shines best when it’s prepared without extra frills. Try basting with butter and fresh herbs in a cast-iron skillet, or fire up the grill for an enviable char. Don’t be afraid to season your steaks liberally with salt; it will keep more of those tasty juices a part of the meat. And when you’re checking the temperature, be sure to avoid the bone.

To let the ribeye steak do the talking, serve it with a simple, vinegar-forward salad or chimichurri sauce to balance out the richness. If you happen to have any leftovers, thinly slice the meat against the grain for the makings of a delicious lunchtime sandwich.

Ribeye Steak Savings You Don’t Want to Miss

When you place a ribeye steak order, you’ll receive two, 1½-inch thick bone-in steaks per package, which can range between two and five pounds. All our animals are Source and Age verified, so they gain weight naturally and aren’t fattened with artificial additives. This ensures you’re putting meat on your dinner table that both tastes good and is good for you.

In April, receive 20% off a ribeye steak order when you spend a minimum of $10. Apply code AHAPRIL2023 at checkout.

New to AH Farms? We couldn’t be more excited you’re here and have special pricing for first-time customers. Get 10% off any order of $25 or more with code AHNEWCUSTOMER.

We also offer two delivery options depending on where you’re located. Get frozen steak delivery near Kansas City, or if you’re farther away, have your order shipped.

Say Goodbye to Long Lines at the Butcher Counter and Hello to Meat Delivery Near You

Don’t wait – these deals won’t last long! Start an order today to redeem our ribeye steak special and take dinnertime to the next level.

Our meat delivery service cuts out the middleman and supplies you with farm-to-table beef directly to your door. That’s right – you can forget about those regular trips to the butcher counter. With AH Farms, you get pasture-raised beef whenever and however you like it.

If you’re near our farm in Drexel, MO – or within the greater Kansas City metropolitan area – we’ll hand deliver your orders every Thursday. Just make sure to get your order in by Wednesday to guarantee same-week delivery!

Outside of our hand-delivery area? We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States. Orders are sent out early in the week in professional-grade packaging to ensure optimal freshness.

To browse our full selection of steaks, specialty cuts, ground beef, and beef bundles, visit our online store. Or call us first at (816) 258-1680. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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