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How to Host Your Own At-Home Grilling Competition Using Natural Beef in Kansas City

Everyone Wins When You Cook with AH Farms’ Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s nothing that turns up the heat like a little friendly competition. Hosting your own grill-off is a great way to spend time outside with family and friends as the days grow warmer. After all, everyone can appreciate a get-together involving delicious food.

A grilling competition isn’t complete without good beef, though. AH Farms’ grass-fed, grain-finished beef is independently verified to be all natural and free from artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts. This means you get to enjoy delicious, wholesome meat as it was intended.

With proper planning, you can throw an at-home grilling competition to be remembered. Use our guide to get started.

First Things First: What’s Cooking?

Before you place an order for natural beef in Kansas City, you need to determine the competition dish. Will you be having a burger showdown? Or maybe you want to go low and slow with a brisket battle.

Whichever route you choose, you can then decide on sides and other accompaniments you want to serve. You can’t have hamburgers without buns and a full spread of condiments. And brisket and BBQ baked beans are a match made in heaven.

Our mouths are already watering at just the thought of it!

Call On the Chefs to Cook Natural Beef in Kansas City

Now that you know what you’re making, it’s time for the best cooks in the group to get down to business.

Make sure to communicate with competitors on what they should prepare beforehand and what you’ll be providing. If burgers are the star of the show, maybe you’ll supply the meat but expect contestants to bring their preferred buns and sauces for a more diverse tasting.

Asking those cooking to share their recipes can also be a fun way to add to the atmosphere of the main event.

Organize Your Outdoor Space

You’ll want to have plenty of room for competitors to grill safely and easily display their dishes. Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, it’s recommended that grills – regardless if they’re gas or charcoal – should be a minimum of 10 feet away from deck railings and structures, like your home, garage, or shed.

If you’re low on space, this is where asking your chefs to do some prep work ahead of time can prove advantageous. It’ll help prevent too many cooks in the kitchen, while taste-testers get the benefit of digging in even sooner.

Bring in the Judges to Savor Natural Beef in Kansas City

With the meat and all the fixins ready, the real fun can begin! It’s time to fill up plates and let those sampling the food name their winner.

But first, you should think about how you want the judging to go. Will judges taste blindly or know who prepared each dish? And how will they vote? For a more formal approach, you can create rating cards for people to fill out, and then tally up the points. If you’re aiming for something more casual, maybe you base it off cheers and applause.

As the host, you know your group best, so go with what feels most natural for your particular party.

Why AH Farms Should Be Your Go-To Source for Natural Beef in Kansas City

We believe you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to quality beef. Our Drexel, MO, farm is IMI Global Beef Care Certified, meaning we hold ourselves – and our beef – to a higher standard.

All our animals are Source and Age verified, or in other words, they’re born, raised, and fattened right on our family farm. We also track every step of our process – documenting everything from birth dates to mineral supplementation – so you can be confident that the meat you receive is healthy and wholesome.

When you shop with us, you can look forward to serving farm-fresh and flavorful beef at your dinner table – whether you’re looking for hamburger meat for sale or other cuts.

Shop Grain-Fed Beef Near You with Our Meat Delivery Service

You can take the stress out of shopping for meat at the grocery store with our local delivery and shipping options. Just think about all the time you can save not waiting in line at the butcher counter!

If you’re located in Cass County, MO, or the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, we hand deliver orders every Thursday. Just be sure to get your order in by Wednesday to guarantee same-week delivery.

We can also ship our grain-finished beef anywhere within the contiguous United States. Our professional-grade packaging ensures your order arrives safely and ready to enjoy wherever you are.

Stock up ahead of your at-home grilling competition, and visit our online store to start an order today for steak, specialty cut, or ground beef delivery. Or if you have questions, call us directly at (816) 258-1680.


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