Meat in eco friendly packaging

All About Our Meat Delivery Service’s Eco-Friendly Beef Packages

Plus, Other Ways Our Kansas City Local Beef Farm Has Committed to Sustainability

Consider all that goes into a package you receive for delivery. There’s the box itself, the items you ordered usually encased in their own packaging of some sort, and any additional cushioning materials to protect your purchase in the transit process.

This can – and does – result in a lot of waste entering the landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that containers and packaging account for nearly 30 percent of all municipal solid waste.

At AH Farms, we’re doing our part to combat this statistic. From curbing unnecessary waste with our eco-friendly beef packages to naturally raising our cattle, we’re committed to sustainable practices all throughout our business.

Beef Packages That You and Mother Earth Can Appreciate

When we first set out to select packaging for our beef, we knew we wanted a greener option. Styrofoam is commonly used in our industry, but generally isn’t recyclable and takes hundreds of years to decompose (if it ever does).

Our beef packages are sustainable from the inside out – including the box, insulation, and even the ice packs. In fact, standard ice packs are often one of the biggest culprits of extra waste, the non-recyclable inside gel hindering proper disposal. Dry ice sublimates, but it’s expensive and consumes considerable resources to obtain and store it.

Our Enviro Ice packs, used in all our meat delivery service options, are nontoxic without compromising on cooling capabilities. When they arrive in your delivery box, let them thaw. Then, the refrigerant mixture can be safely poured down the drain or added to your compost pile and the outer plastic shell recycled (anywhere #4 plastics are accepted). Thanks to its eco-friendly formula, the contents can also be used as plant food, supplying important nutrients with no risk of contamination to the soil or nearby water sources. These additional uses not only help us lessen our carbon footprint, but they help make disposal easier for you – a win-win, if you ask us.

How Sustainability Plays Into the Production of Our Beef Packages

Our Drexel, MO-based farm does even more behind the scenes to positively impact our planet.

Our beef is transported from the packing plant to our freezer on a freezer truck, keeping the temperature of the meat stable so less energy is used to chill. In addition, all boxes that come from the packing plant are returned there, so they can be reused for future beef packages.

Once in our freezer, we store the meat in reusable crates, which also helps increase efficiency. The crates’ open structure allows the freezer to run with less humidity and enhances air flow.

What We Mean By “All-Natural Beef”

On top of our production process, we also raise our cattle with sustainability in mind. We’re IMI Global Care Certified, which recognizes that our beef is completely natural. Our cattle are Source and Age verified, so they’re born, raised, and fattened on our own family farm. They’re also free from any artificial hormones, antibiotics, and animal byproducts, which encourages gradual weight gain and overall wellness.

What’s more, we’ve implemented an annual audit and track our animals with EID tags to ensure our process remains both clean and traceable. We document everything down to the last detail – from birth dates to mineral supplementation.

Additionally, our grass hay is pulled from pastures where our animals don’t graze. We use rotational grazing as often as we can to maintain our pastures and grass health, reducing the need for fertilization and chemical weed management. Our water sources come from rainwater whenever possible, meaning we’re cutting back on our reliance on standard water utilities.

All these efforts help contribute to happier and healthier land and animals, ultimately making for better-tasting beef at your dinner table.

Enjoy Grass-Fed, Grain-Finished Beef With Our Meat Delivery Service Options

In an industry traditionally riddled with waste and not-so-Earth-friendly practices, we’re proud to be a business taking concrete steps toward sustainability. We love providing you with natural, delicious beef that’s equally as good for you as it is for the planet.

Whether you want ground beef delivery or specialty cuts, AH Farms is your go-to source for accessible and wholesome meat. There’s no minimum order quantity, so you can stock up on meals for the entire month, or get just enough for your next beef recipe idea.

If you’re within Cass County, MO, or the greater Kansas City metro area, our flavorful beef packages are hand-delivered right to your doorstep every Thursday (as long as your order is placed by Wednesday that week). Just enter your zip code at checkout to see if you’re eligible.

If you’re outside of our hand-delivery range, we ship our grain-finished beef within the contiguous United States. Our professional-grade (and eco-friendly!) packaging keeps your order fresh and ready to enjoy no matter where you’re located.

Explore our beef package offerings by visiting our online shop. If you have any questions about our products and how they’re backed by sustainable initiatives, contact us by calling (816) 258-1680 or sending us a message through our website.


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