a burger next to a grill

5 Tips to Grill the Best Burgers

What’s better than grilling a perfect burger….eating it!

Try these tips next time you’re grilling and have your guests asking for your secrets.

  • Uniform Patties- This will make all your cooking time the same, ensuring everyone gets that perfectly done burger. AH Farms Natural Ground Beef Patties are all approximately 8 oz and come preshaped and separated so you can just open and grill.

  • Make a Divot- Use your thumb or the back of a spoon and make a divot on your patty. This will help maintain optimal patty shape as the meat cooks.

  • Let it Be- Don’t flip repeatedly and give your patty 3-5 minutes to sear on each side.

  • Take the Temp- Never worry about over or under-cooking your dinner and invest in a good meat thermometer. A medium-done burger should be about 145 degrees. Remember that the meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill.

  • Dress it Right-Lightly toast buttered hamburger bun right before serving and have a variety of toppings and spreads for everyone to create their perfect burger.

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